Unsafe in the Schoolhouse: Abuse of Children with Disabilities – Throughout America, schoolchildren with disabilities are placed in restraints, confined in locked seclusion rooms, and subject to painful aversive interventions. COPAA, along with other organizations that make up the Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion (APRAIS), has been working to combat these practices.1 In June 2008, COPAA issued a Declaration of Principles condemning the use of abusive interventions and advocating for change. In March-May 2009, we conducted a survey that identified 185 cases in which children were subjected to aversive interventions. We received reports of children subject to prone restraints; injured by larger adults who restrained them; tied, taped and trapped in chairs and equipment; forced into locked seclusion rooms; made to endure pain, humiliation and deprived of basic necessities, and subjected to a variety of other abusive techniques.