A Clockwork Straight: Rehabilitation, Thought Reform and the Destruction of Minds – By Wesley Fager – This is a story about organized child abuse in the western world on a massive scale,  maybe in excess of 50,000 kids involved.   It’s about convincing affluent white parents that their child will die without the services of a juvenile drug rehab program called Straight (and in some cases one of its abusive follow-on programs).

A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School – By Wayne Kernochan – Book Description When Doctor M. Scott Peck suggested Elan to my parents I was skeptical because the first program he sent me to was a drug program, and I had never done drugs. He said it wasn’t, and that Elan treated teens with emotional problems. He told me that Elan had psychiatrists and counselors, and activities, so I agreed to go. What I witnessed was unbelievable. Elan was an insane asylum, run by the inmates, and Joe Ricci was God. For more than thirty years I told people I had been in prison, rather than the truth of what happened there. After you read this book you will understand why.

Abandoned – By Susie TenEyck – Abandoned details a true story of surviving a government-funded, experimental, behavior-modification program that used highly-refined techniques compared to North Korean brainwashing in America. Susie survived this egregious child torture cult, narrowly escaping with her life. She became trapped in a cycle