Nate’s Aspen Ranch Testimony


I’m not really sure how to start with this testimonial and frankly I don’t want to write it because this will mean rehashing a very painful part of my life that I have done much work to work through and put behind me. I would be astounded if there turned out to be even one former patient of this “treatment center” that did not develop some level of PTSD or a complex directly related to their time spent at the Ranch.

I’d like to start this off by saying that Aspen Ranch as a business and a self proclaimed Residential Treatment Center meets all legal standards and definitions of the term “fraud” and even more specifically “insurance fraud.” Fraud is defined as the “the deliberate misrepresentation of fact for the purpose of depriving someone of a valuable possession”. Aspen Ranch marketed themselves as a treatment center for troubled youths that provided a therapeutic solution. Not only did Aspen Ranch provide no true therapy during my 11 months spent there, their “treatment model” highlighted by different forms of psychological manipulation, torture, and unjustified physical restraint caused me and many others to develop deeply routed psychological trauma that would prove incredibly harmful later in life. I could go on forever so I will provide a few specific examples.</