Trauma within the Psychiatric Settings: A Preliminary Empirical Report – Because empirical data on the phenomena of “sanctuary trauma” and “sanctuary harm” (trauma within the psychiatric setting) are virtually non-existent, the present study was designed to gather preliminary empirical data related to (a) the frequency of such experiences among mental health consumers with a history of psychiatric hospitalization and outpatient treatment in a state-funded mental health system, (b) the perceptions that these consumers have regarding such experiences, and (c) the consequences of these experiences, as measured by the association between hospital experiences, subjective reactions to these experiences, and PTSD symptoms. Subjects were 57 men and women (aged 19-73 yrs) with a history of psychiatric hospitalization who were attending 1 of 5 mental health center clinics in a state public mental health system. This study provides initial empirical support for concerns raised by consumer and advocacy groups that the psychiatric setting often can be a frightening and/or dangerous environment. In general, the results of this study indicate that mental health consumers have experienced a number of traumatic, humiliating, or distressing events during their hospitalization. In addition, results indicate that consumers are adversely affected by these experiences.