The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) is a United States trade organization of therapeutic schools, residential treatment programs, wilderness programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, young adult programs, and home-based residential programs for adolescents and young adults with emotional and behavioral difficulties. It was formed in January 1999 by the founders of six programs within the so-called “troubled teen industry,” and its board of directors consists of program owners and educational consultants. Ironically, all but one of those founding six programs have been shut down in the ensuing years for a variety of reasons, including child abuse, neglect, licensing violations, and successful class-action lawsuits. NATSAP is not an accrediting or licensing body. In order to be members, schools and programs are required to be in full compliance with NATSAP’s published Ethical Principles and Principles of Good Practice. However, in United States House Committee on Education and Labor hearings in October 2007, NATSAP Director Jan Moss stated that the organization had no process for checking up on this compliance, nor correcting any programs that stray from these guidelines.