The Troubled Teen Industry: Commodifying Disability and Capitalizing on Fear – The “Troubled Teen” behavior reform industry is comprised of financially interconnected wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and reform schools that incarcerate thousands of minors each year by marketing a supposed cure to non-normativity, and monetizing the discrimination and abuse of children with a myriad of disabilities, including mental illness, substance abuse and dependence, eating disorders, cognitive difference, or who simply exhibit subjectively “negative”- in the parents’ eyestraits or habits, such as LGBT status or genuinely problematic behaviors that make them difficult to parent. These programs claim to treat or change teenager behavior that parents find troubling via “tough love” behavior modification, which has generated a wide spectrum of existing criticism documenting the abuse and neglect of teenagers that is endemic to its nature and mode of treatment, one predicated on discriminatory principles that stigmatize and condemn facets of non-normativity. Justifying this maltreatment with quasi-psychological terminology and bastardized clinical practices makes a mockery of mental healthcare, and promotes the idea of othering persons who do not conform to normative ideas of “acceptable” behavior and cognition.