Michaela’s KW Legacy Ranch Testimony



I went to KW Legacy Ranch for 13 months of my life and I ended up convincing my mom to sign me out early when she came to visit me. I was very nervous to ask her to do that because if she were to tell Luke the owner that I had asked to leave I would have faced absolute horrible horrifying consequences but I was already there for over 13 months and they were trying to force me to move to Utah in order to phase up and graduate the program. The program doesn’t give you nor your family an exit date, its all based off your “progress.”

I was so desperate to get out of the program I agreed with them and faked like I wanted to go to Utah and since they refused to phase me up unless I complied and since all of the letters we wrote home to our families were monitored by the staff and were not mailed if they didn’t like or agree what was written, so I wrote to my mother about how I was “excited” and “wanted to go to Utah” when in all honesty I absolutely 100% did not want to go there at all. I just wanted some way out of KW. They had me apply at all different colleges in Utah for the fall semester.

When visitation with our family would accrue we would be sat down with our families and Luke the owner and the ring leader of it all. He would tell both me and my family some rules that I MUST follow during my family visitation. The biggest rule that he was very persistent about was that I was NOT to ever ask about leaving or when my discharge date would be while I was with my parents and if such things happened parents are to report immediately to Luke. I followed sed rule the first 2 visits due to complete and utter fear of the punishment I’d be given.

When my mom came to visit the third time, I told her that she needed to help me get out I told her how I had been lying and faking and how I was not moving forward in the program and how they were refusing to phase me up, or even allow me to do any of my current phase assignments, I explained to my mom how I believed that they didn’t want me moving forward because they wanted me to graduate and go directly to start school in the fall which was nearly 10 months away. In that moment I knew I couldn’t make it another 10 months. I was already there over a year faking my way through every day, trying to be obedient while being forced to do manual labor, withheld food/meals, talked to, and treated like nothing like I was no one like my life didn’t matter.

After talking to her she agreed to remove me from the program. However, she had a catch: she said she would come back and get me in one week. I just had to go back to KW till then. I was extremely scared that my mom was going to tell Luke and never come back for me. I thought she only said she’d come back to get me to just calm down. It just didn’t make sense for her to drive 7 1/2 hours to Nevada to visit me for a day then dr