Influence of Selected Aggression, Demographic, Gender Role, and Temperament Factors on the Level of Physical Restraint Among Staff in Residential Treatment Centers – The purpose of this study was to examine the predictability of the aggression (physical, hostility, indirect aggression, verbal, and anger), demographic (age, education level, gender, length of employment, level of agitation by youth, and support of no corporal punishment standard), gender role (androgynous, feminine, masculine, and undifferentiated) and temperament (activity level, adaptability, intensity and mood) factors on physical restraints of residential treatment center (RTC) staff employed in RTC settings. Currently, there is no evidenced based method to either determine the influence of these factors or assess the impact o f a staff member’s previous exposure to violence in predicting how they may respond to an aggressive youth. This may place RTC administrators and youth at a great disadvantage.