Holli’s Elan School Testimony


Remembering this school has been such a black cloud for me. For years I have forgotten even the name of the school because I wanted to wipe out that time in my life. Because of the time that it happened and where I was, and where I was sitting the moment 9/11 happened it just will forever trigger me to go back in time to where I actually was. Talking to my husband again this year about what I remember, because I saw a memory post about the Twin Towers that had fallen; He listened more close to everything. He was surprised that I spoke more in detail about the school I attended. While I was still speaking… he was on the other end of the phone googling. He texted me a picture…. and right there I started shaking and my eyes watered up to find out that it was really the school I was speaking of. I will never get over the trauma that this school put me through.

I will never get over the memories that even got me there. But Elan School mentally and physically broke me down. From the way they operated… to mentally breaking someone down by insults, curse words, and abuse. You would get in trouble and written up if you didn’t write something that you hated about a person. You had to drop a note on a person every day… or you would be the one standing behind a broom stick being yelled at by the whole hou