Sent Away

Sent Away – It didn’t seem to matter what happened at the teen treatment center. The state of Utah always gave it another chance. Death. Allegations of abuse. Criminal charges. Bizarre punishments. Whistleblowers coming forward. Each time, the place got a pass. A team of reporters from three news organizations has spent the last […]

Trapped In Treatment

Trapped in Treatment – Trapped In Treatment is a new docu-style podcast series from Paris Hilton, London Audio, iHeartMedia, and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Telepictures, that will examine and expose the dark secrets of the “Troubled Teen Industry.” Beginning with Provo Canyon School, each season will focus on the story of one youth treatment facility, its survivors, and the traumatizing […]

Web Crawlers – Mini Crawlers: Provo Canyon School & The “Troubled Teen” Industry

Web Crawlers – Mini Crawlers: Provo Canyon School & The “Troubled Teen” Industry – In her documentary, Paris Hilton claimed she was abused and tortured while at Provo Canyon School, a treatment center in Utah for misbehaving teenagers. The “troubled teen” industry is a largely unregulated billion-dollar industry that preys on vulnerable […]


Troubled – Survivors of institutional abuse uncover cult ties, cultural lies, and societal corruption to expose the troubled teen industry. Two survivors of institutional abuse, Meredith Yannuzzi and Miranda Sullivan reunite to discuss the climate of the troubled teen industry.