Anonymous’ Reflections Academy Testimony


I was held at Reflections Academy between the ages of 15-17. In that time I witnessed and experienced horrific abuse that I am stuck dealing with to this day. in the form of severe & diagnosed PTSD.

I watched Chaffin Pullan physically abuse girls on multiple occasions. Once he pulled a girl unprovoked around the floor by her hair, screaming atrocious things at her and being violent in front of all of us. Mickey Manning had full knowledge Chaffin had been showing girls pornography on his phone (myself included). She then punished us, saying it was our fault for looking when he showed.

I was responsible for suicidal peers multiple times while here, meant to supervise them so they do not harm themselves- it was called “on hip”. When a girl ran away while I was asleep, Mickey Manning proceeded to explain, her possible death was my fault, I was 16.

The seminars were a torture I can barely explain. We were forced to endure verified brainwashing and abusive methods. For typically two days at a time, we were depr