Anoymous’ King George School Testimony


I could tell you stories of awful things that happened at King George School (KGS). Tales that would make even the strictest mental health employee’s eyes widen and think to themselves: “wow, that’s fucked up.” Yes, there was the time an educational consultant named Carol Maxim was hired by the CEO to come to KGS. She locked us in a room for nine hours, and encouraged us to rat each other out for minor transgressions. That happened twice. Sure there was the time a stool got thrown at my head. The time my favorite book was ripped up. However, from my perspective, the damage caused by those incidents is minor compared to the impact of emotional isolation. Being sent to KGS cut me off from my community at a pivotal moment in my psychological development, At my previous boarding school, I had a group of supportive friends, mentors/teachers, and a loving boyfriend. Once at KGS, contact with the people who loved me and I felt loved by ceased. Instead of working with my existing community, they deemed those “outside influences” a “distractio