Anonymous’ Testimony – Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy


I honestly appreciate the fact that I was able to disconnect from my old life and rebuild myself as a person without distractions. However, I do not support the methods used at Teen Challenge (CGA) and wholeheartedly believe that it was my choice to change and I was able to do so through God and my own will.

I received every form of punishment they had at least once throughout my program and I now have severe anxiety about every decision I make for subconscious fear of doing something wrong. I snuck in a can of dip on my first off-campus visit about 6 months into my program, which obviously wasn’t a good choice, but as a result of that, I wasn’t allowed to see my older brother anymore (because I confessed that he was the one who purchased it for me) and I have reason to believe my counselor would hide letters I received from him and had a very negative opinion o