Anonymous’ Testimony – North Star Behavioral Health Hospital


I was sent to North Star in 2021 for feeling suicidal and depressed. I came into treatment asking for help, instead I received the opposite. Throughout my time there, I was in countless predicaments no child should have to witness, let alone go through themselves. Every patient was prescribed meds by their second day, regardless of their condition, if they’ve seen a doctor yet or not.

A vast majority of my peers were over medicated, 3/4 on meds they didn’t need. Others were put on insanely high doses of meds, to where you could barely tell they were humans. What we needed was love and open arms, not isolation, meds, and inhumane treatment. It took us 2 weeks of persuasion for the janitorial team to thoroughly clean our unit, wipe off the ketchup stain on our ceiling we had been complaining about for weeks on end. My peers and I wanted to take matters into our own hands, and took basic cleaning wipes and proceeded to clean the walls. We wiped off dried blood, dried toothpaste, mold, and old food within about 15 minutes. Managers threatened us, saying if we didn’t go to bed, our peers would be locked in another unit by themselves for the rest of their stay. ( we went to bed and they still got locked away) We were told if we were feeling suicidal to sleep in the dayroom.

On this particular night, several riots had broken out, my whole unit was triggered so we grabbed our beds and layed in the day room. We were talking for just a few minutes before we tried to get some re