Addison’s Trinity Teen Solutions Testimony


My name is Addison and I was at Trinity teen solutions in Wyoming for 9 months from October of 2016 to July of 2017, I was 15. I knew I was leaving prior to my stay unlike many girls who went there and to other placements.

I watched girls cycle in and out of the program as I was one of their longest standing girls in the program for a while. It used to be an average of three years to graduate. The owner of the ranch that we lived and worked on was not present at all. I ran into the family maybe 3 times in my entire stay and it was a brief encounter every time. A simple wave a smile.

The staff were allowed to abuse their power and some really sensed to enjoy it. We woke up at 6am sharp every morning except Sundays (We slept until 7 on Sundays). Ran a good mile (estimate) down from the cabins where our housing was to the ranch where we did chores and “school” the chores ranged from mild to extreme. Filling water troughs with a hose to lifting a stacking full sized hay bai